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Leitliniengerechte stationäre psychiatrisch-psychotherapeutische/psychosomatische Behandlung von Angsterkrankungen: Wieviel Personal ist erforderlich?

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B Bandelow, U Lueken, J Wolff, F Godemann, C W Menzler, J Deckert, A Ströhle, M Beutel, J Wiltink, K Domschke, M Berger

Translated title of the contributionGuideline-oriented inpatient psychiatric psychotherapeutic/psychosomatic treatment of anxiety disorders: How many personnel are needed?
Original languageGerman
E-pub ahead of print29 Feb 2016

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BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: The reimbursement of inpatient psychiatric psychotherapeutic/psychosomatic hospital treatment in Germany is regulated by the German personnel ordinance for psychiatric hospitals (Psych-PV), which has remained unchanged since 1991. The aim of this article was to estimate the personnel requirements for guideline-adherent psychiatric psychotherapeutic hospital treatment.

METHODS: A normative concept for the required psychotherapeutic "dose" for anxiety disorders was determined based on a literature review. The required staffing contingent was compared to the resources provided by the Psych-PV based on category A1.

RESULTS: According to the German policy guidelines for outpatient psychotherapy, a quota of 25 sessions of 50 min each (as a rule plus 5 probatory sessions) is reimbursed. This approach is supported by studies on dose-response relationships. As patients undergoing inpatient treatment for anxiety disorders are usually more severely ill than outpatients, a contingent of 30 sessions for the average treatment duration of 5 weeks seems appropriate in order to fully exploit the costly inpatient treatment time (300 min per patient and week). In contrast, only 70 min are reimbursed according to the Psych-PV. The total personnel requirement for the normative concept is 624 min per patient and week. The Psych-PV only covers 488 min (78 %).

CONCLUSION: Currently, the time contingents for evidence-based psychiatric psychotherapeutic/psychosomatic hospital care are nowhere near sufficient. In the development of future reimbursement systems this needs to be corrected.

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