Long Read Review: Politics: Between the Extremes by Nick Clegg

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The UK government of 2010-2015 was the first UK Coalition since 1945 and faced the consequences of the 2008 financial crash. In Politics: Between the Extremes, former Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg explains the challenges of being the small, Liberal partner in the Coalition, and argues forcefully for the importance of a politics of compromise. Joe Devanny focuses on what Clegg says (and does not say) about foreign and security policy, lamenting the failure to provide greater insight into the key debates that shaped Britain’s relationship with the world during the Coalition government.
Original languageEnglish
TypeReview of Politics: Between the Extremes
Media of outputOnline
PublisherLSE Review of Books
Publication statusPublished - 3 Oct 2016


  • UK Politics
  • Coalition
  • Liberal Democrats
  • Foreign Policy
  • National Security


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