Measurement of the Inclusive Electron Neutrino Charged Current Cross Section on Carbon with the T2K Near Detector

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The T2K off-axis near detector ND280 is used to make the first differential cross-section measurements of electron neutrino charged current interactions at energies ∼1GeV as a function of electron momentum, electron scattering angle, and four-momentum transfer of the interaction. The total flux-averaged νe charged current cross section on carbon is measured to be ⟨σ⟩ϕ=1.11±0.10(stat)
±0.18(syst)×10−38cm2/nucleon. The differential and total cross-section measurements agree with the predictions of two leading neutrino interaction generators, NEUT and GENIE. The NEUT prediction is 1.23×10−38cm2/nucleon
and the GENIE prediction is 1.08×10−38cm2/nucleon. The total νe charged current cross-section result is also in agreement with data from the Gargamelle experiment.
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