Methodological Assumptions in the Reconstruction of Marcion's Gospel (Mcn). The Example of the Lord's Prayer

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The Lord’s Prayer is a classic example to show how the methodological assumptions impacted on the reconstruction of Marcion’s Gospel (Mcn ), as it is the only text of Mcn on which we have not only the older and the more recent reconstruction attempts, but also several articles that try to argue for a specific reconstruction of it. When I speak of ‘methodological assumptions’ the plural pertains to two main trajectories. Only the first one of these is usually reflected upon in scholarly works, namely the question of the sources for the reconstruction, their reliability and the issue of dealing with them. The second trajectory, however, which is not less important and to some extent even precedes the first one, is the place one gives to Mcn within the Synoptics. With the exception of two scholars, all older and the more recent reconstruction attempts build on the commonly held solution to the Synoptic Problem, namely Markan Priority combined with the Two-Sources Hypothesis. And of the two scholars who deviate from this, Jason David BeDuhn and Matthias Klinghardt, only the latter reflects upon the question how the altered synoptic framework (including John) impacts on the reconstruction work
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDas Neue Testament und sein Text im 2. Jahrhundert
EditorsJan Heilmann, Matthias Klinghardt
Place of PublicationTuebingen
Number of pages222
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Publication statusPublished - 10 Jan 2018

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NameTexte und Arbeiten zum neutestamentlichen Zeitalter


  • New Testament
  • Patristics
  • Marcion
  • Early Christianity


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