Multidisciplinary Perinatal Care in IBD

Lihi Godny, Vaios Svolos, Astrid-Jane Williams, Wladzia Czuber-Dochan, Marina Aloi, Ana Ibarra, Dearbhaile V. O’Hanlon, Gabriele Dragoni, Irit Avni Biron, Marjo Campmans-Kuijpers, Paul Collins, Piotr Eder, Tamar Pfeffer-Gik, Susanna Jäghult, Catherine L. Wall

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Background and Aims
Patients with inflammatory bowel disease [IBD] are often affected during their reproductive years and may have many perinatal queries that require the comprehensive perspectives of a multidisciplinary team [MDT]. The purpose of this topical review is to assess the scientific evidence and provide expert opinion related to nutritional, psychological, and supportive care of women and their infants throughout the prenatal, antenatal, and infant periods.

A consensus expert panel of a paediatrician, gastroenterologists, nurses, and dietitians was convened by the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation. This panel critically reviewed literature related to the non-medical management of patients with IBD during preconception, pregnancy, the postnatal period, and the first years of the infant’s life. Statements were developed using an e-Delphi process over two rounds and were confirmed when ≥80% of experts agreed with the statements.

A total of 19 current practice positions were developed that cover the preconception period, pregnancy and lactation, and early life exposures associated with risk of IBD. Development of the infant microbiome and its role in the immune system and topics including nutritional optimization, psychological support, and education relating to early life were reviewed.

Patients with IBD have unique nutritional and psychosocial needs that may affect fertility and pregnancy outcomes. The early life environment of infants born to parents with IBD may be associated with subsequent development of IBD in offspring. A MDT is the optimal setting to support and counsel patients throughout the perinatal period.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal Of Crohns & Colitis
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 20 Dec 2022


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