New half supersymmetric solutions of the heterotic string

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We describe all supersymmetric solutions of the heterotic string which preserve eight supersymmetries and show that these are distinguished by the holonomy, hol((del) over cap), of the connection, (del) over cap, with skew-symmetric torsion. The hol((del) over bar) subset of SU(2) solutions are principal bundles over a four-dimensional hyper-Kahler manifold equipped with an anti-self-dual connection and fibre group G which has a Lie algebra, Lie(G) = R-5,R-1, sl(2, R) circle plus su(2) or cm6. Some of the solutions have the interpretation as 5-branes wrapped on G with transverse space any hyper-Kahler four-dimensional manifold. We construct new solutions for Lie(G) = sl(S, R) circle plus su(2) and show that they are characterized by three integers and have continuous moduli. There is also a smooth family in this class with one asymptotic region and the dilaton is bounded everywhere on the spacetime. We also demonstrate that the world volume theory of the backgrounds with holonomy SU(2) can be understood in terms of gauged WZW models for which the gauge fields are composite. The hol((del) over cap) subset of R-8 solutions are superpositions of fundamental strings and pp-waves in flat space, which may also include a null rotation. The hol((del) over cap) = {1} heterotic string backgrounds which preserve eight supersymmetries are Lorentzian group manifolds.
Original languageEnglish
Article number135001
JournalClassical and Quantum Gravity
Issue number13
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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