Nurses' attitudes towards medical devices in healthcare delivery: a systematic review

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Aims and objectives
To describe nurses' attitudes towards medical devices and the factors influencing these attitudes.

Nurses work in an increasingly technological environment with many medical devices supporting healthcare delivery. Understanding nurses' attitudes towards medical devices is important for their successful use. There has been no published systematic review which has examined nurses' attitudes towards the use of medical devices within nursing practice.

A systematic review including all study designs.

A search of six databases was undertaken for publications written in English dating from 1985–June 2013. The search yielded 30 studies.

Nurses reported a multidimensional perception of medical devices. While some nurses recognised the potential contribution of medical devices to better outcomes for patients and themselves, the use of medical devices was also associated with increased personal stress, decreased autonomy and increased administrative time. The design of devices, knowledge and training relating to device management and use were identified as key factors influencing nurses' attitudes.

To ensure adequate knowledge and skill, the provision of training on device management and use, together with good device designs, is essential to foster positive attitudes. Further studies focusing on developing improved understanding of nurses' attitudes are needed.
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JournalJournal of Clinical Nursing
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