Procuring Parts for Algal Shaker

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This page describes in detail the procurement of parts required for building the orbital shaker. The components can be sourced from four types of suppliers.

Laboratory equipment suppliers
Electronics parts distributors
Printed circuit board manufacturer
3D printing service (or in-house 3D printer)

The orbital shaker can be sourced from laboratory equipment suppliers. The orbital shaker described in this protocol was bought on ebay

All electronics components and mechanical fixings can be bought from electronics parts distributors. In the described case, it was Farnell

The clear acrylic sheet can be bought from specialist local supplier of sheet plastic or can be ordered laser cut to size and shape by local laser-cut service providers.

The custom-made printed circuit board (PCB) simplifies and speeds up the assembly and results in a smaller, more robust circuit. Here, Seeed Technology
was used for their low-cost, high-quality PCBs production service.

The electronics is housed in a custom case. It can be produced on a fused-deposition modelling 3D printer - in-house or outsourced to third-party manufacturers. An in-house Stratasys Uprint SE Plus
was used here.
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Publication statusPublished - 17 Mar 2020


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