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  1. 2006
  2. Fraser, J. S., King, A. L., Ellis, H. J., Moodie, S. J., Bjarnason, I., Swift, J., & Ciclitira, P. J. (2006). An algorithm for family screening for coeliac disease. World Journal of Gastroenterology, 12(48), 7805 - 7809.
  3. Fry, S. A., Van den Steen, P. E., Royle, L., Wormald, M. R., Leathem, A. J., Opdenakker, G., McDonnell, J. M., Dwek, R. A., & Rudd, P. M. (2006). Cancer-associated glycoforms of gelatinase B exhibit a decreased level of binding to galectin-3. Biochemistry, 45(51), 15249-15258.
  4. Pennington, D., Silva-Santos, B., Silberzahn, T., Escorcio-Correia, M., Woodward, M. J., Roberts, SJ., Smith, AL., Dyson, PJ., & Hayday, A. C. (2006). Early events in the thymus affect the balance of effector and regulatory T cells. NATURE, 444(7122), 1073 - 1077.
  5. Ongusaha, P. P., Kim, H. G., Boswell, S. A., Ridley, A. J., Der, C. J., Dotto, G. P., Kim, Y. B., Aaronson, S. A., & Lee, S. W. (2006). RhoE is a pro-survival p53 target gene that inhibits ROCK I-mediated apoptosis in response to genotoxic stress. Current Biology, 16(24), 2466 - 2472.
  6. Ferri, C. P., Prince, M., Brayne, C., Brodaty, H., Fratiglioni, L., Ganguli, M., Hall, K., Hasegawa, K., Hendrie, H., Huang, Y., Jorm, A., Mathers, C., & Scazufca, M. (2006). The Global Prevalence of Dementia: a Delphi consensus study. The Lancet, 366(9503), 2112 - 2117.
  7. Bebek, G., Berenbrink, P., Cooper, C., Friedetzky, T., Nadeau, J., & Sahinalp, S. C. (2006). The degree distribution of the generalized duplication model. Theoretical Computer Science, 369(1-3), 239 - 249.
  8. Norris, J. S., Bielawska, A., Day, T., El-Zawahri, A., Elojeimy, S., Hannun, Y., Holman, D., Hyer, M., Landon, C., Lowe, S., Dong, J. Y., McKillop, J., Norris, K., Obeid, L., Rubinchik, S., Tavassoli, M., Tomlinson, S., Voelkel-Johnson, C., & Liu, X. (2006). Combined therapeutic use of AdGFPFasL and small molecule inhibitors of ceramide metabolism in prostate and head and neck cancers: a status report. Cancer Gene Therapy, 13(12), 1045 - 1051.
  9. Trevethan, T., Watkins, M., Kantorovich, L. N., Shluger, A. L., Polesel-Maris, J., & Gauthier, S. (2006). Modelling atomic scale manipulation with the non-contact atomic force microscope. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 17(23), 5866 - 5874. [026].
  10. Kahn, S., Haffner, S., Heise, M., Herman, W., Holman, R., Jones, N., Kravitz, B., Lachin, J., O'Neill, M. C., Zinman, B., Viberti, G., & Study Group, ADOPT. (2006). Glycemic Durability of Rosiglitazone, Metformin, or Glyburide Monotherapy. New England Journal of Medicine, 355(23), 2427 - 2443.
  11. Wang, H. C., Zhu, J. T., Wang, Z. S., Zhang, Z., Zhang, S. M., Wu, W. J., Chen, L. Y., Michette, A. G., Powell, A. K., Pfauntsch, S. J., Schafers, F., & Gaupp, A. (2006). Broadband Mo/Si multilayer analyzers for the 15-17 nm wavelength range. THIN SOLID FILMS, 515(4), 2523 - 2526.
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