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  1. 2022
  2. Riches, S, Steer, N, Vasile, R, Lyles, S, O'Reilly, L, Guiotto, M, Hughes, T, McKay, M, Westhead, M, Latham, R, Newbury, J, Murray, A, Goneni, A, Orehova, A, Temple, R, Thompson, R, Houston, F & Fisher, H 2022, 'Impact on public attitudes of a mental health audio tour of the National Gallery in London', Early Intervention in Psychiatry.
  3. Jasionowska, S, Bochiński, A, Shiatis, V, Singh, S, Brunckhorst, O, Rees, RW & Ahmed, K 2022, 'Anterior Urethroplasty for the Management of Urethral Strictures in Males: A Systematic Review', Urology, vol. 159, no. Jan, pp. 222-234.
  4. Ballance, S, Lu, Y, Zobel, H, Rieder, A, Knutsen, SH, Dinu, VT, Christensen, BE, Ulset, A-S, Ulset, A-S, Schmid, M, Maina, N, Potthast, A, Schiehser, S, Ellis, P & Harding, SE 2022, 'Inter-laboratory analysis of cereal beta-glucan extracts of nutritional importance: An evaluation of different methods for determining weight-average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution', FOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS.
  5. Hesketh, LM, Sikkel, MB, Mahoney-Sanchez, L, Mazzacuva, F, Chowdhury, RA, Tzortzis, KN, Firth, J, Winter, J, MacLeod, KT, Ogrodzinski, S, Wilder, CDE, Patterson, LH, Peters, NS & Curtis, M 2022, 'OCT2013, AN ISCHAEMIA-ACTIVATED ANTIARRHYTHMIC PRODRUG, DEVOID OF THE SYSTEMIC SIDE EFFECTS OF LIDOCAINE', British Journal of Pharmacology.
  6. EU-GEI WP2 Group, Arango, C, Arrojo, M, Bernardo, M, Bobes, J, Sanjuán, J, Santos, JL, Menezes, PR, Del-Ben, CM, Jongsma, HE, Jones, PB, Kirkbride, JB, Llorca, P-M, Tortelli, A, Pignon, B, de Haan, L, Selten, JP, van Os, J, Rutten, BP, Di Forti, M, Morgan, C & Murray, R 2022, 'Childhood maltreatment, educational attainment and IQ: findings from a multicentric case-control study of first-episode psychosis (EU-GEI)', Schizophrenia Bulletin.
  7. Ixer, G, Manthorpe, J & Baginsky, M 2022, A Critical Review of Practice Education in England. in R Baikady, S S. M., V Nadesan & M Rezaul Islam (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Field Work Education in Social Work: A Critical Review of Practice Education in England. Routledge, London, pp. 325-336.
  8. Oram, S, Fisher, H, Minnis, H, Seedat, S, Walby, S, Hegarty, K, Rouf, K, Angénieux, C, Callard, F, Chandra, PS, Fazel, S, Garcia-Moreno, C, Henderson, M, Howarth, E, MacMillan, HL, Murray, LK, Othman, S, Robotham, D, Rondon, MB, Sweeney, A, Taggart, D & Howard, L 2022, 'The Lancet Psychiatry Commission on intimate partner violence and mental health: advancing mental health services, research, and policy', The Lancet Psychiatry.
  9. 2021
  10. Fowler, NH, Dickinson, M, Dreyling, M, Martinez-Lopez, J, Kolstad, A, Butler, J, Ghosh, M, Popplewell, L, Chavez, JC, Bachy, E, Kato, K, Harigae, H, Kersten, MJ, Andreadis, C, Riedell, PA, Ho, PJ, Pérez-Simón, JA, Chen, AI, Nastoupil, LJ, von Tresckow, B, Ferreri, AJM, Teshima, T, Patten, PEM, McGuirk, JP, Petzer, AL, Offner, F, Viardot, A, Zinzani, PL, Malladi, R, Zia, A, Awasthi, R, Masood, A, Anak, O, Schuster, SJ & Thieblemont, C 2021, 'Tisagenlecleucel in adult relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma: the phase 2 ELARA trial', Nature Medicine.
  11. Wardrope, A, Dworetzky, BA, Barkley, GL, Baslet, G, Buchhalter, J, Doss, J, Goldstein, LH, Hallett, M, Kozlowska, K, W, WC, McGonigal, A, Mildon, B, Oto, M, Perez, DL, Riker, E, Roberts, NA, Stone, J, Tolchin, B & Reuber, M 2021, 'How to do things with words Two seminars on the naming of functional (psychogenic, non-epileptic, dissociative, conversion, …) seizures', Seizure, vol. 93, pp. 102-110.
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