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  3. Wardrope, A, Dworetzky, BA, Barkley, GL, Baslet, G, Buchhalter, J, Doss, J, Goldstein, LH, Hallett, M, Kozlowska, K, W, WC, McGonigal, A, Mildon, B, Oto, M, Perez, DL, Riker, E, Roberts, NA, Stone, J, Tolchin, B & Reuber, M 2021, 'How to do things with words Two seminars on the naming of functional (psychogenic, non-epileptic, dissociative, conversion, …) seizures', Seizure, vol. 93, pp. 102-110.
  4. Velazquez, B, Petresco, S, Pereira, R, Buchweitz, C, Manfro, PH, Caye, A, Fisher, H, Kohrt, BA, Mondelli, V & Kieling, C 2021, 'Physical activity and depressive symptoms among adolescents in a school-based sample from Brazil', Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry.
  5. Wu, Y, Zeng, Z, Guo, Y, Song, L, Weatherhead, JE, Huang, X, Zeng, Y, Bimler, L, Chang, C, Knight, JM, Valladolid, C, Sun, H, Cruz, MA, Hube, B, Naglik, JR, Luong, AU, Kheradmand, F & Corry, DB 2021, 'Candida Albicans Elicits Protective Allergic Responses Via Platelet Mediated T helper 2 and T helper 17 Cell Polarization', Immunity, vol. 54, no. 11, pp. 2595-2610.e7.
  6. Hesketh, LM, Sikkel, MB, Mahoney-Sanchez, L, Mazzacuva, F, Chowdhury, RA, Tzortzis, KN, Firth, J, Winter, J, MacLeod, KT, Ogrodzinski, S, Wilder, CDE, Patterson, LH, Peters, NS & Curtis, M 2021, 'OCT2013, AN ISCHAEMIA-ACTIVATED ANTIARRHYTHMIC PRODRUG, DEVOID OF THE SYSTEMIC SIDE EFFECTS OF LIDOCAINE', British Journal of Pharmacology.
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