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  1. 2022
  2. Da Silva, M. A., Rajbanshi, A., Achampong, D., Mahmoudi, N., Porcar, L., Gutfreund, P., Tummino, A., Maestro, A., Dreiss, C. A., & Cook, M. T. (Accepted/In press). Engineering thermoresponsive emulsions with branched copolymer surfactants. MACROMOLECULAR MATERIALS AND ENGINEERING.
  3. Gwinnutt, J. M., Norton, S., Hyrich, K. L., Lunt, M., Combe, B., Rincheval, N., Ruyssen-Witrand, A., Fautrel, B., McWilliams, D. F., Walsh, D. A., Nikiphorou, E., Kiely, P. DW., Young, A., Chipping, J. R., MacGregor, A., & Verstappen, S. MM. (2022). The influence of social support, financial status and lifestyle on the disparity between inflammation and disability in rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis care & research.
  4. Milligan, T. (2022). Microbial Life and Belonging. In Life Beyond Us : An Original Anthology of SF Stories and Science Essays European Astrobiology Institute & Laksa Media.
  5. McNeill, A., Bassi, S., Nazar, G. P., Joshi, N., Sharma, N., Pandian, A., Mohan, D., Mohan, S., Patel, S. A., Ali, M. K., Tandon, N., Mohan, V., Dorairaj, P., & Arora, M. (Accepted/In press). Anxiety and depression among adult tobacco users during the COVID-19 restrictions in India. Frontiers in Psychiatry.
  6. Hohenschurz-Schmidt, D., Draper- Rodi, J., Vase, L., Scott, W., McGregor, A., Soliman, N., MacMillan, A., Olivier, A., Cherian, C. A., Corcoran, D., Abbey, H., Freigang, S., Chan, J., Phalip, J., Nørgaard Sørensen, L., Delafin, M., Cadete Pedro Dos Santos Baptista, M., R Medforth, N., Ruffini, N., ... Rice, A. SC. (2022). Blinding and sham control methods in trials of physical, psychological, and self-management interventions for pain (article II): a meta-analysis relating methods to trial results. Pain.
  7. Coradduzza, D., Solinas, T., Balzano, F., Culeddu, N., Rossi, N., Cruciani, S., Azara, E., Maioli, M., Zinellu, A., De Miglio, M. R., Madonia, M., Falchi, M., & Carru, C. (2022). miRNAs as molecular biomarkers for prostate cancer. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS.
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