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  3. Sattler, K, Pechlaner, R, Duregotti, E, Lu, R, Theofilatos, K, Takov, K, Heusch, G, Tsimikas, S, Fernández-Hernando, C, Berry, S, Hall, W, Notdurfter, M, Rungger, G, Paulweber, B, Willeit, J, Kiechl, S, Levkau, B & Mayr, M 2021, 'PCSK9 Activity Is Potentiated Through HDL Binding' Circulation Research.
  4. Mogavero, S, Sauer, FM, Brunke, S, Allert, S, Schulz, D, Wisgott, S, Jablonowski, N, Elshafee, O, Krüger, T, Kniemeyer, O, Brakhage, AA, Naglik, JR, Dolk, E & Hube, B 2021, 'Candidalysin delivery to the invasion pocket is critical for host epithelial damage induced by Candida albicans', Cellular Microbiology, vol. 23, no. 10, e13378.
  5. McFadden, P, Neill, R, Mallett, J, Manthorpe, J, Gillen, P, Moriarty, J, Currie, D, Schroder, H, Ravalier, J, Nicholl, P & Ross, J 2021, 'Mental wellbeing and quality of working life in UK social workers before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: A propensity score matching study', British Journal of Social Work.
  6. Wu, Y, Zeng, Z, Guo, Y, Song, L, Weatherhead, JE, Huang, X, Zeng, Y, Bimler, L, Chang, C, Knight, JM, Valladolid, C, Sun, H, Cruz, MA, Hube, B, Naglik, JR, Luong, AU, Kheradmand, F & Corry, DB 2021, 'Candida Albicans Elicits Protective Allergic Responses Via Platelet Mediated T helper 2 and T helper 17 Cell Polarization', Immunity.
  7. COMPASS study group, Ozdemir, S, Tian, Y, Malhotra, C, Harding, R, Koh, GCH, Kumarakulasinghe, NB, Lee, LH, Mon, SW & Finkelstein, E 2021, 'Discordance Between Advanced Cancer Patients' Perceived and Preferred Roles in Decision Making and its Association with Psychological Distress and Perceived Quality of Care', The patient, vol. 14, no. 5, pp. 581-589.
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