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  1. 2022
  2. Schofield, B. K. (2022). Liveness. In J. Burns, & D. Duncan (Eds.), Transnational Modern Languages: A Handbook (Transnational Modern Languages ). Liverpool University Press.
  3. Werneck, A. O., Vancampfort, D., Stubbs, B., Silva, D. R., Cucato, G. G., Christofaro, D. G. D., Santos, R. D., Ritti-Dias, R. M., & Bittencourt, M. S. (2022). Prospective associations between multiple lifestyle behaviors and depressive symptoms. Journal of Affective Disorders, 301, 233-239.
  4. Fernandes, M. C., Mhatre, S., Forte, A. E., Zhao, B., Mesa, O., Weaver, J. C., Bechthold, M., & Bertoldi, K. (2022). Surface texture modulation via buckling in porous inclined mechanical metamaterials. Extreme Mechanics Letters, 51, [101549].
  5. Hargreaves Heap, S. (2022). Laboratory experiments and Austrian Economics. In D. J. D'Amico, & A. G. Martin (Eds.), Contemporary Methods and Austrian Economics (Vol. 26). (Advances in Austrian Economics).
  6. McNeil, D. W., Randall, C. L., Baker, S., Borrelli, B., Burgette, J. M., Gibson, B., Heaton, L. J., Kitsaras, G., McGrath, C., & Newton, J. T. (2022). Consensus Statement on Future Directions for the Behavioral and Social Sciences in Oral Health. Journal of Dental Research, 220345211068033.
  7. Dupont, C., Schultz, T. K. P., & Angin, M. (2022). Double Jeopardy? The Use of Investment Arbitration in Times of Crisis. In D. Behn, O. K. Fauchald, & M. Langford (Eds.), The Legitimacy of Investment Arbitration: Empirical Perspectives (Studies on International Courts and Tribunals). Cambridge University Press.
  8. Meyers, D. E., Meyers, B. S., Chisamore, T. M., Wright, K., Gyawali, B., Prasad, V., Sullivan, R., & Booth, C. M. (2022). Trends in drug revenue among major pharmaceutical companies: A 2010-2019 cohort study. Cancer, 128(2), 311-316.
  9. Venkataraman, T., Valencia, C., Mangino, M., Morgenlander, W., Clipman, S. J., Liechti, T., Valencia, A., Christofidou, P., Spector, T., Roederer, M., Duggal, P., & Larman, H. B. (2022). Analysis of antibody binding specificities in twin and SNP-genotyped cohorts reveals that antiviral antibody epitope selection is a heritable trait. Immunity, 55(1), 174-184.e5.
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