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  1. 2022
  2. Liu, S., Han, J., Puyal, E. L., Kontaxis, S., Sun, S., Locatelli, P., Dineley, J., Pokorny, F. B., Costa, G. D., Leocani, L., Guerrero, A. I., Nos, C., Zabalza, A., Sørensen, P. S., Buron, M., Magyari, M., Ranjan, Y., Rashid, Z., Conde, P., ... Consortium, RADAR. A. D. A. R. C. N. S. (2022). Fitbeat: COVID-19 estimation based on wristband heart rate using a contrastive convolutional auto-encoder. PATTERN RECOGNITION, 123, [108403].
  3. Mecha, E., Erny, G. L., Guerreiro, A. C. L., Feliciano, R. P., Barbosa, I., Bento da Silva, A., Leitão, S. T., Veloso, M. M., Rubiales, D., Rodriguez-Mateos, A., Figueira, M. E., Vaz Patto, M. C., & Bronze, M. R. (2022). Metabolomics profile responses to changing environments in a common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) germplasm collection. FOOD CHEMISTRY, 370, [131003].
  4. Hargreaves Heap, S. (2022). Laboratory experiments and Austrian Economics. In D. J. D'Amico, & A. G. Martin (Eds.), Contemporary Methods and Austrian Economics (Vol. 26). (Advances in Austrian Economics).
  5. Oikonomou, K., Steinhöfel, K., & Menzel, S. (2022). A Machine Learning Model for Predicting Fetal Hemoglobin Levels in Sickle Cell Disease Patients. In X-S. Yang, S. Sherratt, N. Dey, & A. Joshi (Eds.), Proceedings of 6th International Congress on Information and Communication Technology, ICICT 2021 (pp. 79-91). (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems; Vol. 235). Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH.
  6. Zimmermann, M. (2022). Dementia and the politics of memory in fiction: From the condition as narrative experiment to the patient as plot device. In I. M. Krüger-Fürhoff, N. Schmidt, & S. Vice (Eds.), The Politics of Dementia: Forgetting and Remembering the Violent Past in Literature, Film and Graphic Narratives (pp. 55-70). DeGruyter.
  7. Kassoti, E., & Carrozzini, A. (Accepted/In press). One Instrument in Search of an Author: Revisiting the Authorship and Legal Nature of the EU-Turkey Statement. In The Informalisation of the EU’s External Action in the Field of Migration and Asylum T.M.C. Asser Press.
  8. Swancutt, K. (Accepted/In press). The Threshold of the Cosmos: Priestly Scriptures and the Shamanic Wilderness in Southwest China. In D. Espírito Santo, & M. Shapiro (Eds.), The Dynamic Cosmos: Paradox, Movement, and Theoretical Experimentation in the Anthropology of Spirit Possession Bloomsbury.
  9. Alrahili, R. (2022). Towards Employing Process Mining for Role Based Access Control Analysis: A Systematic Literature Review. In K. Arai (Ed.), Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference, FTC 2021, Volume 1 (Vol. Volume 1 , pp. 904-927). (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems; Vol. 358 LNNS). Springer, Cham.
  10. 2021
  11. Stockwell, S., Stubbs, B., Jackson, S. E., Fisher, A., Yang, L., & Smith, L. (2021). Internet use, social isolation and loneliness in older adults. Ageing and Society, 41(12), 2723-2746.
  12. Bunz, M. (Accepted/In press). How Not to Be Governed Like That by Our Digital Technologies. (New Critical Humanities). Rowman & Littlefield International.
  13. Bricknell, M., Falconer Hall, P., Falconer Hall, T., Webster, S., & Poprádi-Fazekas, O. (2021). Around the bazaars: a global compendium of military medical journals. BMJ Military Health.
  14. Fagerholm, E., Foulkes, W. M. C., Gallero-Salas, Y., Helmchen, F., Moran, R., Friston, K., & Leech, R. (Accepted/In press). Estimating anisotropy directly via neural timeseries. Journal of Computational Neuroscience.
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