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  1. 2020
  2. 2019
  3. Varley-Campbell, J, Mújica-Mota, R, Coelho, H, Ocean, N, Barnish, M, Packman, D, Dodman, S, Cooper, C, Snowsill, T, Kay, T, Liversedge, N, Parr, M, Knight, L, Hyde, C, Shennan, A & Hoyle, M 2019, 'Three biomarker tests to help diagnose preterm labour: a systematic review and economic evaluation', Health technology assessment (Winchester, England), vol. 23, no. 13, pp. 1-228.
  4. 2016
  5. Ishii, T, Tsubokura, M, Ochi, S, Kato, S, Sugimoto, A, Nomura, S, Nishikawa, Y, Kami, M, Shibuya, K, Saito, Y, Iwamoto, Y & Tachiya, H 2016, 'Living in Contaminated Radioactive Areas Is Not an Acute Risk Factor for Noncommunicable Disease Development: A Retrospective Observational Study', Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 34-37.
  6. 2015
  7. Hasegawa, A, Tanigawa, K, Ohtsuru, A, Yabe, H, Maeda, M, Shigemura, J, Ohira, T, Tominaga, T, Akashi, M, Hirohashi, N, Ishikawa, T, Kamiya, K, Shibuya, K, Yamashita, S & Chhem, RK 2015, 'Health effects of radiation and other health problems in the aftermath of nuclear accidents, with an emphasis on Fukushima', The Lancet, vol. 386, no. 9992, pp. 479-488.
  8. Broekhuijsen, K, Bernardes, T, Van Baaren, GJ, Tajik, P, Novikova, N, Thangaratinam, S, Boers, K, Koopmans, CM, Wallace, K, Shennan, A, Langenveld, J, Groen, H, Van Den Berg, PP, Mol, BWJ & Franssen, MTM 2015, 'Relevance of individual participant data meta-analysis for studies in obstetrics: Delivery versus expectant monitoring for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy', European Journal of Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, vol. 191, pp. 80-83.
  9. Kanda, M, Ota, E, Fukuda, H, Miyauchi, S, Gilmour, S, Kono, Y, Nakagama, E, Murashima, S & Shibuya, K 2015, 'Effectiveness of community-based health services by nurse practitioners: Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis', BMJ Open, vol. 5, no. 6, e006670.
  10. 2014
  11. 2011
  12. Ikegami, N, Yoo, BK, Hashimoto, H, Matsumoto, M, Ogata, H, Babazono, A, Watanabe, R, Shibuya, K, Yang, BM, Reich, MR & Kobayashi, Y 2011, 'Japanese universal health coverage: Evolution, achievements, and challenges', The Lancet, vol. 378, no. 9796, pp. 1106-1115.
  13. Ikeda, N, Saito, E, Kondo, N, Inoue, M, Ikeda, S, Satoh, T, Wada, K, Stickley, A, Katanoda, K, Mizoue, T, Noda, M, Iso, H, Fujino, Y, Sobue, T, Tsugane, S, Naghavi, M, Ezzati, M & Shibuya, K 2011, 'What has made the population of Japan healthy?', The Lancet, vol. 378, no. 9796, pp. 1094-1105.
  14. Hashimoto, H, Ikegami, N, Shibuya, K, Izumida, N, Noguchi, H, Yasunaga, H, Miyata, H, Acuin, JM & Reich, MR 2011, 'Cost containment and quality of care in Japan: Is there a trade-off?', The Lancet, vol. 378, no. 9797, pp. 1174-1182.
  15. Shibuya, K, Hashimoto, H, Ikegami, N, Nishi, A, Tanimoto, T, Miyata, H, Takemi, K, Reich, MR & Shibuya, K 2011, 'Future of Japan's system of good health at low cost with equity: Beyond universal coverage', The Lancet, vol. 378, no. 9798, pp. 1265-1273.
  16. Tamiya, N, Noguchi, H, Nishi, A, Reich, MR, Ikegami, N, Hashimoto, H, Shibuya, K, Kawachi, I & Campbell, JC 2011, 'Population ageing and wellbeing: Lessons from Japan's long-term care insurance policy', The Lancet, vol. 378, no. 9797, pp. 1183-1192.
  17. Llano, R, Kanamori, S, Kunii, O, Mori, R, Takei, T, Sasaki, H, Nakamura, Y, Kurokawa, K, Hai, Y, Chen, L, Takemi, K & Shibuya, K 2011, 'Re-invigorating Japan's commitment to global health: Challenges and opportunities', The Lancet, vol. 378, no. 9798, pp. 1255-1264.
  18. 2008
  19. Chandramohan, D, Shibuya, K, Setel, P, Cairncross, S, Lopez, AD, Murray, CJL, Zaba, B, Snow, RW & Binka, F 2008, 'Should data from demographic surveillance systems be made more widely available to researchers?', PLoS Medicine, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 169-173.
  20. 2007
  21. Rowe, AK, Steketee, RW, Arnold, F, Wardlaw, T, Basu, S, Bakyaita, N, Lama, M, Winston, CA, Lynch, M, Cibulskis, RE, Shibuya, K, Ratcliffe, AA & Nahlen, BL 2007, 'Viewpoint: Evaluating the impact of malaria control efforts on mortality in sub-Saharan Africa', Tropical Medicine and International Health, vol. 12, no. 12, pp. 1524-1539.
  22. Mahapatra, P, Shibuya, K, Lopez, AD, Coullare, F, Notzon, FC, Rao, C & Szreter, S 2007, 'Civil registration systems and vital statistics: successes and missed opportunities', Lancet, vol. 370, no. 9599, pp. 1653-1663.
  23. 2006

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