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  1. 2022
  2. Tseng, PT, Zeng, BS, Hung, CM, Liang, CS, Stubbs, B, Carvalho, AF, Brunoni, AR, Su, KP, Tu, YK, Wu, YC, Chen, TY, Li, DJ, Lin, PY, Hsu, CW, Chen, YW, Suen, MW, Satogami, K, Takahashi, S, Wu, CK, Yang, WC, Shiue, YL, Huang, TL & Li, CT 2022, 'Assessment of Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Interventions for Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis', JAMA Psychiatry, vol. 79, no. 8, pp. 770-779.
  3. 2021
  4. Ramos-Sanchez, CP, Schuch, FB, Seedat, S, Louw, QA, Stubbs, B, Rosenbaum, S, Firth, J, van Winkel, R & Vancampfort, D 2021, 'The anxiolytic effects of exercise for people with anxiety and related disorders: An update of the available meta-analytic evidence', Psychiatry Research, vol. 302, 114046, pp. 114046.
  5. Cheng, YS, Tseng, PT, Wu, MK, Tu, YK, Wu, YC, Li, DJ, Chen, TY, Su, KP, Stubbs, B, Carvalho, AF, Lin, PY, Matsuoka, YJ, Chen, YW, Sun, CK & Shiue, YL 2021, 'Pharmacologic and hormonal treatments for menopausal sleep disturbances: A network meta-analysis of 43 randomized controlled trials and 32,271 menopausal women', SLEEP MEDICINE REVIEWS, vol. 57, 101469.
  6. Vancampfort, D, Stubbs, B, Van Damme, T, Smith, L, Hallgren, M, Schuch, F, Deenik, J, Rosenbaum, S, Ashdown-Franks, G, Mugisha, J & Firth, J 2021, 'The efficacy of meditation-based mind-body interventions for mental disorders: A meta-review of 17 meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials', Journal of psychiatric research, vol. 134, pp. 181-191.
  7. 2020
  8. Kim, TL, Jeong, GH, Yang, JW, Lee, KH, Kronbichler, A, van der Vliet, HJ, Grosso, G, Galvano, F, Aune, D, Kim, JY, Veronese, N, Stubbs, B, Solmi, M, Koyanagi, A, Hong, SH, Dragioti, E, Cho, E, de Rezende, LFM, Giovannucci, EL, Shin, JI & Gamerith, G 2020, 'Tea Consumption and Risk of Cancer: An Umbrella Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies', Advances in nutrition (Bethesda, Md.), vol. 11, no. 6, pp. 1437-1452.
  9. Vancampfort, D, Schuch, F, Van Damme, T, Firth, J, Suetani, S, Stubbs, B & Van Biesen, D 2020, 'Metabolic syndrome and its components in people with intellectual disability: a meta-analysis', Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, vol. 64, no. 10, pp. 804-815.
  10. Veronese, N, Demurtas, J, Thompson, T, Solmi, M, Pesolillo, G, Celotto, S, Barnini, T, Stubbs, B, Maggi, S, Pilotto, A, Onder, G, Theodoratou, E, Vaona, A, Firth, J, Smith, L, Koyanagi, A, Ioannidis, JPA & Tzoulaki, I 2020, 'Effect of low-dose aspirin on health outcomes: An umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses', British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, vol. 86, no. 8, pp. 1465-1475.
  11. Ghayda, RA, Hong, SH, Yang, JW, Jeong, GH, Lee, KH, Kronbichler, A, Solmi, M, Stubbs, B, Koyanagi, A, Jacob, L, Oh, H, Kim, JY, Shin, JI & Smith, L 2020, 'A Review of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Adherence among Female Sex Workers', Yonsei Medical Journal, vol. 61, no. 5, pp. 349-358.
  12. Park, JH, Jeong, GH, Lee, KS, Lee, KH, Suh, J-S, Eisenhut, M, van der Vliet, HJ, Kronbichler, A, Stubbs, B, Solmi, M, Dragioti, E, Koyanagi, A, Shin, JI & Gamerith, G 2020, 'Genetic variations in MicroRNA genes and cancer risk: A field synopsis and meta-analysis', European Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol. 50, no. 4, e13203, pp. e13203.
  13. Ashdown-Franks, G, Firth, J, Carney, R, Carvalho, AF, Hallgren, M, Koyanagi, A, Rosenbaum, S, Schuch, FB, Smith, L, Solmi, M, Vancampfort, D & Stubbs, B 2020, 'Exercise as Medicine for Mental and Substance Use Disorders: A Meta-review of the Benefits for Neuropsychiatric and Cognitive Outcomes', Sports Medicine, vol. 50, no. 1, pp. 151-170.
  14. 2019
  15. Firth, J, Siddiqi, N, Koyanagi, A, Siskind, D, Rosenbaum, S, Galletly, C, Allan, S, Caneo, C, Carney, R, Carvalho, AF, Chatterton, ML, Correll, CU, Curtis, J, Gaughran, F, Heald, A, Hoare, E, Jackson, SE, Kisely, S, Lovell, K, Maj, M, McGorry, PD, Mihalopoulos, C, Myles, H, O'Donoghue, B, Pillinger, T, Sarris, J, Schuch, FB, Shiers, D, Smith, L, Solmi, M, Suetani, S, Taylor, J, Teasdale, SB, Thornicroft, G, Torous, J, Usherwood, T, Vancampfort, D, Veronese, N, Ward, PB, Yung, AR, Killackey, E & Stubbs, B 2019, 'The Lancet Psychiatry Commission: a blueprint for protecting physical health in people with mental illness', The Lancet Psychiatry, vol. 6, no. 8, pp. 675-712.
  16. Hsieh, MT, Tseng, PT, Wu, YC, Tu, YK, Wu, HC, Hsu, CW, Lei, WT, Stubbs, B, Carvalho, AF, Liang, CS, Yeh, TC, Chen, TY, Chu, CS, Li, JC, Yu, CL, Chen, YW & Li, DJ 2019, 'Effects of different pharmacologic smoking cessation treatments on body weight changes and success rates in patients with nicotine dependence: A network meta-analysis', OBESITY REVIEWS, vol. 20, no. 6, pp. 895-905.
  17. Smith, L, Luchini, C, Demurtas, J, Soysal, P, Stubbs, B, Hamer, M, Nottegar, A, Lawlor, RT, Lopez-Sanchez, GF, Firth, J, Koyanagi, A, Roberts, J, Willeit, P, Waldhoer, T, Loosemore, M, Abbs, AD, Johnstone, J, Yang, L & Veronese, N 2019, 'Telomere length and health outcomes: An umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of observational studies', AGEING RESEARCH REVIEWS, vol. 51, pp. 1-10.
  18. Firth, J, Marx, W, Dash, S, Carney, R, Teasdale, SB, Solmi, M, Stubbs, B, Schuch, FB, Carvalho, AF, Jacka, F & Sarris, J 2019, 'The effects of dietary improvement on symptoms of depression and anxiety: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials', Psychosomatic Medicine, vol. 81, no. 3, pp. 265-280.
  19. Varley-Campbell, J, Mújica-Mota, R, Coelho, H, Ocean, N, Barnish, M, Packman, D, Dodman, S, Cooper, C, Snowsill, T, Kay, T, Liversedge, N, Parr, M, Knight, L, Hyde, C, Shennan, A & Hoyle, M 2019, 'Three biomarker tests to help diagnose preterm labour: a systematic review and economic evaluation', Health technology assessment (Winchester, England), vol. 23, no. 13, pp. 1-228.
  20. Jeong, GH, Lee, KH, Lee, IR, Oh, JH, Kim, DW, Shin, JW, Kronbichler, A, Eisenhut, M, van der Vliet, HJ, Abdel-Rahman, O, Stubbs, B, Solmi, M, Veronese, N, Dragioti, E, Koyanagi, A, Radua, J & Shin, JI 2019, 'Incidence of Capillary Leak Syndrome as an Adverse Effect of Drugs in Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis', Clinical Medicine, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 143.
  21. 2018
  22. Wang, H-Y, Tseng, P-T, Stubbs, B, Carvalho, AF, Li, D-J, Chen, T-Y, Lin, P-Y, Hsueh, Y-T, Chen, Y-Z, Chen, Y-W & Chu, C-S 2018, 'The risk of glaucoma and serotonergic antidepressants: A systematic review and meta-analysis', Journal of Affective Disorders, vol. 241, pp. 63-70.
  23. Thompson, T, Poulter, D, Miles, C, Solmi, M, Veronese, N, Carvalho, AF, Stubbs, B & Uc, EY 2018, 'Driving impairment and crash risk in Parkinson disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis', Neurology, vol. 91, no. 10, pp. e906-e916.
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