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  1. 2023
  2. Abdar, M, Salari, S, Qahremani, S, Lam, H-K, Karray, F, Hussain, S, Khosravi, A, Acharya, UR, Makarenkov, V & Nahavandi, S 2023, 'UncertaintyFuseNet: Robust uncertainty-aware hierarchical feature fusion model with Ensemble Monte Carlo Dropout for COVID-19 detection', Information Fusion, vol. 90, pp. 364-381.
  3. Burry, LD, Bell, CM, Hill, A, Pinto, R, Scales, DC, Bronskill, SE, Williamson, D, Rose, L, Fu, L, Fowler, R, Martin, CM, Dolovich, L & Wunsch, H 2023, 'New and Persistent Sedative Prescriptions Among Older Adults After Critical Illness: A Population-Based Cohort Study', Chest.,
  4. Liu, S, He, X, Di, Y, Li, Q, Li, F, Ma, Y, Chen, L, Gao, Y, Xu, J, Yang, S, Xu, L, Corpe, C, Ling, Y, Zhang, X, Xu, J, Yu, W & Wang, J 2023, 'NamiRNA-enhancer network of miR-492 activates the NR2C1-TGF-β/Smad3 pathway to promote epithelial-mesenchymal transition of pancreatic cancer', Carcinogenesis.
  5. Thompson, R, Thompson, J, Wilson, J, Cronin, R, Mitchell, E, Raynes-Greenow, C, Li, M, Stacey, T, Heazell, A, O'Brien, L, McCowan, L & Anderson, N 2023, 'Risk Factors for Late Preterm and Term Stillbirth: A Secondary Analysis of an Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis', BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  6. Shi, J, Chiang, J, Ambreen, M, Snow, N, Mocanu, C, Mcadam, L, Goldstein, RS, Rose, L & Amin, R 2023, 'Ambulatory transcutaneous carbon dioxide monitoring for children with neuromuscular disease', SLEEP MEDICINE, vol. 101, pp. 221-227.
  7. Namisango, E, Powell, RA, Taylor, S, Lukas, R, Freeman, R, Haufiku, D, Mwagomba, BM, Acuda, W, Thambo, L, Kambiya, I, Luyirika, EB, Mwangi-Powell, FN & Harding, R 2023, 'Depressive symptoms and palliative care concerns among patients with non-communicable diseases in two Southern African countries', Journal of pain and symptom management, vol. 65, no. 1, pp. 26-37.
  8. 2022
  9. Abubakar, I, Gram, L, Lasoye, S, Achiume, ET, Becares, L, Bola, GK, Dhairyawan, R, Lasco, G, McKee, M, Paradies, Y, Sabharwal, NS, Selvarajah, S, Shannon, G & Devakumar, D 2022, 'Confronting the consequences of racism, xenophobia, and discrimination on health and health-care systems', The Lancet, vol. 400, no. 10368.
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