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  1. 2017
  2. Szigeti, T, Dunster, C, Cattaneo, A, Spinazzè, A, Mandin, C, Le Ponner, E, de Oliveira Fernandes, E, Ventura, G, Saraga, DE, Sakellaris, IA, de Kluizenaar, Y, Cornelissen, E, Bartzis, JG & Kelly, FJ 2017, 'Spatial and temporal variation of particulate matter characteristics within office buildings — The OFFICAIR study', Science of the Total Environment.
  3. Moreno, T, Kelly, FJ, Dunster, C, Oliete, A, Martins, V, Reche, C, Minguillón, MC, Amato, F, Capdevila, M, de Miguel, E & Querol, X 2017, 'Oxidative potential of subway PM2.5', ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, vol. 148, pp. 230-238.
  4. 2016
  5. Szigeti, T, Dunster, C, Cattaneo, A, Cavallo, D, Spinazzè, A, Saraga, DE, Sakellaris, IA, de Kluizenaar, Y, Cornelissen, EJM, Hänninen, O, Peltonen, M, Calzolai, G, Lucarelli, F, Mandin, C, Bartzis, JG, Záray, G & Kelly, FJ 2016, 'Oxidative potential and chemical composition of PM2.5 in office buildings across Europe – The OFFICAIR study', Environment International, vol. 92–93, pp. 324-333.
  6. Morris, RG, Nelis, SM, Martyr, A, Markova, I, Roth, I, Woods, RT, Whitaker, CJ & Clare, L 2016, 'Awareness of memory task impairment versus everyday memory difficulties in dementia', Journal Of Neuropsychology, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 130-142.
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