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  1. 2017
  2. Gilberthorpe, T. G., O’Connell, K. E., Carolan, A., Silber, E., Brex, P. A., Sibtain, N. A., & David, A. (2017). The spectrum of psychosis in multiple sclerosis: A clinical case series. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment , 13, 303-318.
  3. Alaghband-Rad Andreasen, Bebbington, Birchwood, Boydell, Compton, Crumlish, Davies, Di Forti, Di Forti, Emsley, Emsley, Endicott, Harrison, Harrison, Harrison, Harrison, Harrow, Jablensky, Kaleda, Kiev, Leese, Lieberman, Loebel, Malla, Mallett, Mann, McG, A. (Ed.), O., A., J., L. L-M., M., D. F., A., K., P., G-S., ... Vassos Olesya; ORCID:, Lally, John; ORCID:, Kolliakou, Anna; ORCID:, Dazzan, Paola; ORCID:, Mondelli, Vale, E. A. I. . ORCID. H. OA. (2017). Patterns of illness and care over the 5 years following onset of psychosis in different ethnic groups; the GAP-5 study. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 52(9), 1101-1111.
  4. 2016
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