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  1. 2017
  2. Rivera, M., Locke, A. E., Corre, T., Czamara, D., Wolf, C., Ching-Lopez, A., ... McGuffin, P. (2017). Interaction between the FTOgene, body mass index and depression: meta-analysis of 13701 individuals. British Journal of Psychiatry, 211(2), 70-76.
  3. Bigdeli, T. B., Ripke, S., Peterson, R. E., Trzaskowski, M., Bacanu, S-A., Abdellaoui, A., ... Kendler, K. S. (2017). Genetic effects influencing risk for major depressive disorder in China and Europe. Translational psychiatry, 7(3), e1074.
  4. Hinney, A., Kesselmeier, M., Jall, S., Volckmar, A. L., Föcker, M., Antel, J., ... Magistretti, P. (2017). Evidence for three genetic loci involved in both anorexia nervosa risk and variation of body mass index. Molecular Psychiatry, 22(2), 192-201.
  5. 2016
  6. Singh, T., Kurki, M. I., Curtis, D., Purcell, S. M., Crooks, L., McRae, J., ... Barrett, J. C. (2016). Rare loss-of-function variants in SETD1A are associated with schizophrenia and developmental disorders. Nature Neuroscience, 19(4), 571-577.
  7. Bailey, J. N. C., Loomis, S. J., Kang, J. H., Allingham, R. R., Gharahkhani, P., Khor, C. C., ... Wiggs, J. L. (2016). Genome-wide association analysis identifies TXNRD2, ATXN2 and FOXC1 as susceptibility loci for primary open-angle glaucoma. Nature Genetics, 48(2), 189-194.
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