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  1. 2017
  2. Honig, JW 2017, Uncomfortable Visions: The Rise and Decline of the Idea of Limited War. in B Wilkinson & J Gow (eds), The Art of Creating Power: Freedman on Strategy. Hurst & Company, London, pp. 29-47.
  3. 2016
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  5. 2015
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  8. 2014
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  10. 2012
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  15. 2011
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  17. 2008
  18. 2007
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  20. 2006
  21. Honig, JW 2006, Wat als... de VN Srebrenica in juli 1995 met gebruik van geweld hadden verdedigd? in M Steketee (ed.), Was het anders gelopen... Speculatieve Nederlandse geschiedenis. Nieuw Amsterdam, pp. 11 - 24.
  22. 2005
  23. Honig, JW 2005, A Revolution in Strategy? Conducting War in an Age of Rogues. in H Gärtner & C I (eds), European Security and Transatlantic Relations After 9/11 and the Iraq War. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 33 - 47.
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  25. 2004
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  27. 2003
  28. 2002
  29. 2001
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  33. 2000
  34. Honig, J 2000, Men on Horseback, 400-1500. in The Times History of War: The Illustrated Military History of the World From Ancient Civilisation to the 21st Century. London: HarperCollins, London, pp. 38 - 61.

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