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  1. 2017
  2. Leday, GGR, Vértes, PE, Richardson, S, Greene, JR, Regan, T, Khan, S, Henderson, R, Freeman, TC, Pariante, CM, Harrison, NA, Cardinal, R, Hume, D, Wu, Z, Cattaneo, A, Zunszain, P, Borsini, A, Stewart, R, Chandran, D, Carvalho, L, Bell, J, Souza-Teodoro, L, Perry, H, Harrison, N, Drevets, W, Wittenberg, G, Jones, D, Stylianou, A, Perry, VH, Drevets, WC, Wittenberg, GM & Bullmore, ET 2017, 'Replicable and Coupled Changes in Innate and Adaptive Immune Gene Expression in Two Case-Control Studies of Blood Microarrays in Major Depressive Disorder', Biological psychiatry.
  3. Bath, PM, Scutt, P, Blackburn, DJ, Ankolekar, S, Krishnan, K, Ballard, C, Burns, A, Mant, J, Passmore, P, Pocock, S, Reckless, J, Sprigg, N, Stewart, R, Wardlaw, JM, Ford, GA & PODCAST Trial Investigators 2017, 'Intensive versus Guideline Blood Pressure and Lipid Lowering in Patients with Previous Stroke: Main Results from the Pilot 'Prevention of Decline in Cognition after Stroke Trial' (PODCAST) Randomised Controlled Trial', PLoS ONE, vol. 12, no. 1, e0164608.
  4. Perera, G, Pedersen, L, Ansel, D, Alexander, M, Arrighi, HM, Avillach, P, Foskett, N, Gini, R, Gordon, MF, Gungabissoon, U, Mayer, M-A, Novak, G, Rijnbeek, P, Trifirò, G, van der Lei, J, Visser, PJ & Stewart, R 2017, 'Dementia prevalence and incidence in a federation of European Electronic Health Record databases: The European Medical Informatics Framework resource', Alzheimer's & Dementia, pp. 1- 10.
  5. 2016
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