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  1. 2017
  2. Guerchet, MM, Mayston, R, Lloyd-Sherlock, P, Prince, MJ, Aboderin, I, Akinyemi, R, Paddick, S-M, Wimo, A, Amoakoh-Coleman, M, Uwakwe, R & Ezeah, P 2017, Dementia in sub-Saharan Africa: challenges and opportunities. Alzheimer's Disease International, London.
  3. Stephan, U, Braidford, P, Folmer, E, Lomax, S & Hart, M 2017, Social Enterprise: Market Trends 2017. London.
  4. Dorman, AM 2017, The Future of British Defence Policy. Focus strategique, 74 edn, institut francais des relations internationales, Paris.
  5. McDonald, C, Bainbridge, E, McGuinness, D, Hallahan, B, Murphy, K, Higgins, A, Brosnan, L, Murphy , R, Keys, M, Felzmann, H & Smyth, S 2017, A Prospective Evaluation of the Operation and Effects of the Mental Health Act 2001 from the Viewpoints of Service Users and Health Professionals. College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, NUI Galway .
  6. Leech-Wilkinson, D, Geyer, L & Marchment, E, Dido & Belinda, 2017, Performance.
  7. Iliopoulos, CS, Pissis, SP, Puglisi, SJ & Raman, R (eds) 2017, 16th International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms, SEA 2017, June 21-23, 2017, London, UK. LIPIcs, vol. 75, Schloss Dagstuhl--Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik.
  8. Baginsky, MT, Moriarty, J, Manthorpe, J, J, B & B, H 2017, Evaluation of Signs of Safety in 10 Pilots. The Department for Education, London.
  9. Maiheu, B, Lefebvre, W, Walton, HA, Dajnak, D, Janssen, S, Williams, ML, Blyth, L & Beevers, SD 2017, Improved Methodologies for NO2 Exposure Assessment in the EU. European Commission.
  10. Baginsky, MT, S, G & C, S 2017, The fostering system in England: evidence review. The Department for Education.
  11. 2016
  12. Leveringhaus, NA 2016, Nuclear weapons developments in China. Les enjeux de la stratégie chinoise de « défense active », Irsem.
  13. Lentzos, F, Sims, N, Pearson, GS & McLeish, C 2016, Article VIII: Geneva Protocol Obligations. University of Bradford.
  14. Blick, A & Atkinson, L 2016, Federalism: The UK's Future? The Federal Trust for Education and Research, London.
  15. Dopson, S, Ferlie, E, McGivern, G, Fischer , M, Ledger, J, Behrens, S & Wilson, S 2016, The Impact of Leadership and Leadership Development in Higher Education': A Review of the Literature and Evidence. Leadership Foundation Research and Development Series, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.
  16. Mansaray, AA, Hollingworth, S, Paraskevopoulou, A, Robinson, Y & Chaligianni, E 2016, Arts Award Impact 2012-2016: A report for Trinity College London.
  17. Owen, G & Martin, W 2016, Brain injury, mental capacity and unwise decisions. vol. 6, 1 edn, Elder Law Journal.
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