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  1. 2017
  2. Anjum, N & Bahaei, MS 2017, 'Evaluation of availability of initial-segments of video files in Device-to-Device (D2D) network', Paper presented at 2017 International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications, WINCOM 2017, Rabat, Morocco, 1/11/2017 - 4/11/2017.
  3. Leech-Wilkinson, D, Geyer, L & Marchment, E, Dido & Belinda, 2017, Performance.
  4. Glielmo, A, Zeni, C, Caccin, M & De Vita, A 2017, 'Atomistic fracture modelling by inference-boosted first-principles techniques', Paper presented at 14th International Conference on Fracture, ICF 2017, Rhodes, Greece, 18/06/2017 - 20/06/2017 pp. 350-351.
  5. Rajahmani, VK 2017, 'The Implications of ‘Un-Selecting’ a few Cultures off Curricula: The Role of Education in Defining the Idea of India', Paper presented at Aligning Education Systems to the Challenges of the
    Future, New Delhi, India, 8/11/2017 - 10/11/2017.
  6. 2016
  7. Bosch, U 2016, 'Strategy, Environment, Resources and Institutional Context as Determinants of Firm Performance in Emerging Markets', Paper presented at 2016 Strategic Management Society Special Conference. Contextualizing Strategic Management in Asia: Institutions, Innovation, and Internationalization., Hong Kong, China, 10/12/2016 - 12/12/2016.
  8. Balduccini, M, Magazzeni, D & Maratea, M 2016, 'PDDL+ planning via constraint answer set programming', Paper presented at 9th Workshop on Answer Set Programming and Other Computing Paradigms, ASPOCP 2016, co-located and Affiliated with the 32nd International Conference on Logic Programming, ICLP 2016, New York City, United States, 16/10/2016 pp. 1-12.
  9. Kutnick, PJ, Fung, DCL & Mok, IAC 2016, 'Developing effective group work for mathematical achievement in Hong Kong primary school classrooms', Paper presented at Chinese Education Research Association UK, London, United Kingdom, 20/04/2020.
  10. 2015
  11. Anwani, N & Rajendran, B 2015, 'NormAD - Normalized Approximate Descent based supervised learning rule for spiking neurons', Paper presented at International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, IJCNN 2015, Killarney, Ireland, 12/07/2015 - 17/07/2015.
  12. Baker, M 2015, 'Nursing practices of male nurses in inpatient rehabilitation', Paper presented at Sydney Nursing School 2015 Research Week, Sydney, Australia, 30/06/2015 - 3/07/2015.
  13. 2014
  14. Silvestre, JP, Villalva, A & Pacheco, P 2014, 'The spectrum of red Colour names in Portuguese', Paper presented at 50th Annual Convention of the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour , AISB 2014, London, United Kingdom, 1/04/2014 - 4/04/2014.
  15. Kutnick, PJ, Chan, YYR, Lee, PYB, Chan, C & Lai, KYV 2014, 'Aspiration to become an engineer across the cultural divide: attitudes amon secondary school students in Hong Kong and China', Paper presented at Asia Pacific Education Research Association, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 20/02/2020.
  16. Kutnick, PJ & Hargreaves, L 2014, 'Confucian heritage and Confucian approaches to effective group work in mathematics classrooms', Paper presented at British Education Research Association Annual Conference, London, United Kingdom, 4/09/2014.
  17. Baker, M 2014, 'Current Research in Rehabilitation Nursing', Paper presented at Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses’ Association (Queensland Chapter) Study Day, Brisbane, Australia, 28/03/2014 - 28/03/2014.
  18. Kutnick, PJ, Mok, IAC, Fung, DCL & Lee, PYB 2014, 'Effective group work in Hong Kong: opening the 'black box'', Paper presented at Asia Pacific Education Research Association, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 5/06/2014.
  19. Kutnick, PJ, Fung, D, Mok, IAC & Lee, BP-Y 2014, 'Enhancing mathematical understanding of children in Hong Kong via effective group work: changes in performance and engagement within a Confucian Heritage Culture (CHC)', Paper presented at British Education Research Association Annual Conference, London, United Kingdom, 4/09/2014.
  20. Baker, M 2014, 'Nursing practices of men in inpatient rehabilitation', Paper presented at at Lunch-box Session, The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, London, United Kingdom, 25/09/2014.
  21. Marshall, AP, Baker, M, Keijzers, G, Crilly, J, Young, J & Stapelberg, C 2014, 'Opportunities for a research-infused health service', Paper presented at 2014 Gold Coast Health and Medical Research Conference - Poster Presentation, Gold Coast, Australia, 4/12/2014 - 5/12/2014.
  22. Kutnick, PJ, Hargreaves, L, Fung, DCL & Mok, IAC 2014, 'Relationships between subject knowledge, subject confidence, pedagogic self-efficacy, background and pupil achievement in Hong Kong and England', Paper presented at British Education Research Association Annual Conference, London, United Kingdom, 4/09/2014.
  23. Kutnick, PJ, Blatchford, P & Tolmie, A 2014, 'Understanding classroom relationships and interpersonal processes that underlie effective group work', Paper presented at American Educational Research Association, Philadelphia, United States, 17/04/2014.
  24. Kutnick, PJ, Chan, YYR & Lee, PYB 2014, 'What motivates adolescents to choose engineering? Examing effects of attitudes, experiences and socio-cultural influences on Hong Kong high school students', Paper presented at American Educational Research Association, Philadelphia, United States, 17/04/2014.
  25. 2013
  26. Rushton, EAC 2013, 'Pathological swamps and clean coastal air: An emerging medical topography from 19th century Belize.', Paper presented at Colonialism and Climate Workshop, Mortara Centre for International Studies, Washington, DC, USA, 5/06/2013 - 7/06/2013.
  27. 2012
  28. Durairaj, R, Ashayer, R, Kotadia, HR, Haria, N, Lorenz, C, Mokhtari, O & Mannan, SH 2012, 'Pressure free sintering of silver nanoparticles to silver substrate using weakly binding ligands', Paper presented at 2012 12th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology, NANO 2012, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 20/08/2012 - 23/08/2012.
  29. Rushton, EAC 2012, 'Exploring the cultural place of climate in the consciousness of nineteenth century British settlers in Belize', Paper presented at International Historical Geography Congress , Czech Republic, 8/08/2003.
  30. Booth, TC, Kettunen, MI, Gallagher, FA, Kennedy, BWC, Rodrigues, TB, Bohndiek, SE & Brindle, KM 2012, 'Determination of the PKa of a Hyperpolarized H13CO3- PH Probe'.
  31. 2011
  32. McMIllan, C, “Look Busy,”, 2011, Performance.
  33. Walsh, F, Boyle, NT, Mardinoglu, A, Chiesa, AD, Botvich, D, Prina-Mello, A & Balasubramaniam, S 2011, 'Artificial backbone neuronal network for nano scale sensors', Paper presented at 2011 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops, INFOCOM WKSHPS 2011, Shanghai, China, 10/04/2011 - 15/04/2011 pp. 449-454.
  34. Reynolds, PA, Innovations for Your Education, 2011, Performance, Unknown Publisher.
  35. Rushton, EAC 2011, 'Palynological evidence for climatic shifts and changes in landscape at the Mayan city of Lamanai, Belize, ca. 1500 BC to AD 1500.', Paper presented at American Geophysical Union's Chapman Conference, United States, 6/03/2011.
  36. 2010
  37. Baker, M 2010, 'Nurses’ and relatives’ perceptions of nursing education requirements for nurses working with adults with complex neurological disabilities', Paper presented at Long-term (Neurological) End-of-Life Conference, London, United Kingdom, 25/02/2010 - 25/02/2010.
  38. 2009
  39. Baker, M 2009, 'Education requirements for nurses working with people with complex neurological conditions: nurses’ perceptions', Paper presented at Together 2009! International Conference on Cultural Connections for Quality Care at the End of Life, Perth, Australia, 25/09/2009 - 27/09/2009.
  40. 2008
  41. 2007
  42. Baker, M, Bowker, E & Mills, H 2007, 'Nurse education and training in the Independent sector', Paper presented at Royal College of Nursing Conference, London, United Kingdom, 14/04/2007.
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