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  1. 2006
  2. Eisen, C, Mozart the Dramatist, 2006, Performance, BBC.
  3. Juruena, MF, Weingarthner, N, Marquardt, AR, Fleig, SS, Machado, VR, Busnello, EA & Broilo, L 2006, 'Bipolar II vs. bipolar I: More differences than previously thought.', Journal of Affective Disorders, vol. 91, pp. S42-S42.
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  6. Lano, K, Androutsopoulos, K & Clark, D 2006, 'Concurrency Specification in UML-RSDS', MODELS.
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  13. Toal, F, Daly, EM, Page, L, Deeley, Q, Cutter, B, Deeley, Q, Hallaghan, B, Chitnis, XA, Curran, S, Robertson, D, Murphy, C, Murphy, KMC & Murphy, DGM 2006, 'The relationship between clinical phenotype and brain anatomy in autistic spectrum disorder: An sMRI study', Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, vol. 50, pp. 786 - 786.

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