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  1. 2006
  2. Salvioli S, Olivieri F, Marchegiani F, Cardelli M, Santoro A, Bellavista E et al. Genes, ageing and longevity in humans: problems, advantages and perspectives. Free Radical Research. 2006 Dec;40(12):1303-23.
  3. Molassiotis A, Gibson F, Kelly D, Richardson A, Dabbour R, Ahmad A et al. A systematic review of worldwide cancer nursing research. Cancer Nursing. 2006 Nov;29(6):431 - 440.
  4. Naudts KH, Ducatelle C, Kovacs J, Laurens KR, Peay J, Van den Eynde F et al. The role of psychiatrists in euthanasia in Belgium. British Journal of Psychiatry. 2006;188(5):405 - 409.

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