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  1. 2012
  2. Demirkhanyan, L. H., Marin, M., Padilla-Parra, S., Zhan, C., Miyauchi, K., Jean-Baptiste, M., Novitskiy, G., Lu, W., & Melikyan, G. B. (2012, Aug 17). Multifaceted Mechanisms of HIV-1 Entry Inhibition by Human alpha-Defensin.
  3. Carpenter, D. (2012, Aug). The vis et voluntas of King Henry III: the downfall and punishment of Robert de Ros. fine of month
  4. Balmer, A., Bulpin, K., Calvert, J., Kearnes, M., Mackenzie, A., Marris, C., Martin, P., Molyneux-Hodgson, S., & Schyfter, P. (2012, Jul 3). Towards a Manifesto for Experimental Collaborations between Social and Nartural Scientists.
  5. Barzashka, I., Oelrich, I., Kadyshev, T., & Neuneck, G. (2012, May 17). Bridging the Missile Defense Gap. International Herald Tribune.
  6. Hitchens, A. Y. M. (2012). Al-Shabaab’s Western Recruitment Strategy. (1 ed.) Combating Terrorism Center, West Point.
  7. Hitchens, A. Y. M., & Solomon, H. (2012). Factors Responsible for al-Shabaab’s Losses in Somalia. (4 ed.) Combating Terrorism Center, West Point.
  8. Hosey, M-T., Oulis, C., Martens, L., Hammer, D., Ángel Martínez, J., & Raya, A. A. (2012). Nitrous Oxide sedation. Community of European Dentists European Directive CED-DOC-2012-007-E-FIN.
  9. Blazeby, M., & Moore, T. (2012). Roman Theatre. Cambridge University Press.
  10. Zanchetta, B. (2012). The American Middle East Policy Lacks Vision. GCSP Strategic Security Analysis.
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