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  1. 2017
  2. Aitchinson, KJ, Baldwin, DS, Barnes, TRE, Hall, J, Howes, OD, McAllister-Williams, RH, Shoka, A, Stokes, P, Young, A, Browning, MD, Eberhard, J, Harrison, P & Peter, T 2017, Use of licensed medicines for unlicensed applications in psychiatric practice. vol. CR210, 2 edn, Royal College of Psychiatrists.
  3. Egerton, A, Howes, OD, Houle, S, McKenzie, K, Valmaggia, LR, Bagby, MR, Tseng, H-H, Bloomfield, MAP, Kenk, M, Bhattacharyya, S, Suridjan, I, Chaddock, CA, Winton-Brown, TT, Allen, P, Rusjan, P, Remington, G, Meyer-Lindenberg, A, McGuire, PK & Mizrahi, R 2017, 'Elevated Striatal Dopamine Function in Immigrants and Their Children: A Risk Mechanism for Psychosis', Schizophrenia Bulletin, vol. 43, no. 2, pp. 293–301.
  4. De Carvalho, VM 2017, Brasilianista e estudos brasileiros: algumas observações conceituais. in BB de Hollanda & JME Maia (eds), A pesquisa sobre o Brasil no Exterior: Ateliê do Pensamento Social., 1, FGV Editora, Rio de Janeiro, pp. 25-44, Ateliê do Pensamento Social, São Paulo, Brazil, 10/09/2015.

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