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  1. 2017
  2. Bhugra, D, Tasman, A, Pathare, S, Priebe, S, Smith, S, Torous, J, Arbuckle, MR, Langford, A, Alarcón, RD, Chiu, HFK, First, MB, Kay, J, Sunkel, C, Thapar, A, Udomratn, P, Baingana, FK, Kestel, D, Ng, RMK, Patel, A, Picker, LD, McKenzie, KJ, Moussaoui, D, Muijen, M, Bartlett, P, Davison, S, Exworthy, T, Loza, N, Rose, D, Torales, J, Brown, M, Christensen, H, Firth, J, Keshavan, M, Li, A, Onnela, J-P, Wykes, T, Elkholy, H, Kalra, G, Lovett, KF, Travis, MJ & Ventriglio, A 2017, 'The WPA-Lancet Psychiatry Commission on the Future of Psychiatry', The Lancet Psychiatry, vol. 4, no. 10, pp. 775-818.
  3. Imperatore, N, Tortora, R, De Palma, GD, Capone, P, Gerbino, N, Donetto, S, Testa, A, Caporaso, N & Rispo, A 2017, 'Benefiacial Effects Of Gluten Free Diet In Potential Celiac Disease Of The Adult', DIGESTIVE AND LIVER DISEASE.

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