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  1. 2017
  2. Voskeritsian H, Veliziotis M, Kapotas P, Kornelakis A. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Social Partners and Reforms in the Wage-Setting System in Greece under Austerity. London. 2017 Sep 1. (Hellenic Observatory Discussion Papers).
  3. Stockhammer E, Wildauer R. Expenditure Cascades, Low Interest Rates or Property Booms? Determinants of Household Debt in OECD Countries. Kingston upon Thames, U.K.: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 2017 Aug 1. (Economics Discussion Papers).
  4. Bailey K, Shantz A, Brione P, Yarlagadda R, Zheltoukhova K. Purposeful leadership: what is it, what causes it, and does it matter? Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. 2017 Jun 1.
  5. Kakde MR, Bleher FM, Greenberg R, Chinburg T, Pappas G, Taylor MJ. Cup products in the etale cohomology of number fields. 2017 May 19.
  6. Karwowski E, Shabani M, Stockhammer E. Financialization: Dimensions and determinants. A cross-country study. Kingston upon Thames, U.K.: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 2017 Jan 1. (Economics Discussion Papers).
  7. Bressanelli E, Chelotti N. Taming the European Parliament: how member states reformed economic governance in the EU. Florence: European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre of Advanced Studies. 2017.
  8. Eibl MF. The Political Economy of Energy Subsidies in Egypt and Tunisia: The Untold Story. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. 2017. (OIES Paper).
  9. De Coulon A, Hedge S, Nafilyan VL, Speckesser S. Young people in low level vocational education: characteristics, trajectories and labour market outcomes. Centre for Vocational Education Research. 2017. (CVER Discussion Paper Series; 4).

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