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  1. 2019
  2. MacPherson, I. R., Spiliopoulou, P., Rafii, S., Saggese, M., Baird, R. D., Garcia-Corbacho, J., Italiano, A., Bonneterre, J., Campone, M., Cresti, N., Posner, J., Takeda, Y., Arimura, A., & Spicer, J. (2019). A phase I/II study of epertinib plus trastuzumab with or without chemotherapy in patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research, 22, [1].
  3. Radtke, T., Crook, S., Kaltsakas, G., Louvaris, Z., Berton, D., Urquhart, D. S., Kampouras, A., Rabinovich, R. A., Verges, S., Kontopidis, D., Boyd, J., Tonia, T., Langer, D., De Brandt, J., Goertz, Y. M. J., Burtin, C., Spruit, M. A., Braeken, D. C. W., Dacha, S., ... Hebestreit, H. (2019). ERS statement on standardisation of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in chronic lung diseases. European Respiratory Review, 28(154).
  4. Oliver, S., Uhm, S., Duley, L., Crowe, S., David, A. L., James, C. P., Chivers, Z., Gyte, G., Gale, C., Turner, M., Chambers, B., Dowling, I., McNeill, J., Alderdice, F., Shennan, A., & Deshpande, S. (2019). Top research priorities for preterm birth: Results of a prioritisation partnership between people affected by preterm birth and healthcare professionals. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 19(1), [528].
  5. O'Shaughnessy, K., Hawkins, S. J., Evans, A. J., Hanley, M. E., Lunt, P., Thompson, R. C., Francis, R. A., Hoggart, S. P. G., Moore, P. J., Iglesias, G., Simmonds, D., Ducker, J., & Firth, L. B. (2019). Design catalogue for eco-engineering of coastal artificial structures: a multifunctional approach for stakeholders and end-users. Urban Ecosystems.
  6. Jacków, J., Guo, Z., Hansen, C., Abaci, H. E., Doucet, Y. S., Shin, J. U., Hayashi, R., DeLorenzo, D., Kabata, Y., Shinkuma, S., Salas-Alanis, J. C., & Christiano, A. M. (2019). CRISPR/Cas9-based targeted genome editing for correction of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa using iPS cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116(52), 26846-26852.
  7. Hüfner, K., Brugger, H., Caramazza, F., Stawinoga, A. E., Brodmann-Maeder, M., Gatterer, H., Turner, R., Tomazin, I., Fusar-Poli, P., & Sperner-Unterweger, B. (2019). Development of a self-administered questionnaire to detect psychosis at high altitude – The HAPSY Questionnaire: The HAPSY Questionnaire. High Altitude Medicine & Biology, 20(4), 352-360.
  8. Worm, M., Simpson, E. L., Thaçi, D., Bissonnette, R., Lacour, J. P., Beissert, S., Kawashima, M., Ferrándiz, C., Smith, C. H., Beck, L. A., Chan, K. C., Chen, Z., Akinlade, B., Hultsch, T., Staudinger, H., Gadkari, A., Eckert, L., Davis, J. D., Rajadhyaksha, M., ... Ardeleanu, M. (2019). Efficacy and safety of multiple dupilumab dose regimens after initial successful treatment in patients with atopic dermatitis: A randomized clinical trial. JAMA dermatology.
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