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  1. 2019
  2. van Duinen, A., Kamara, M., Hagander, L., Ashley, T., Koroma, AP., Leather, A., Elhassein, M., Darj, E., Salvesen, O., Wibe, A., & Bolkan, H. (2019). Caesarean section performed by medical doctors and associate clinicians in Sierra Leone. British Journal of Surgery, 106(2), e129-e137.
  3. Holmer, H., Bekele, A., Hagander, L., Harrison, E., Kamali, P., Ng-Kamstra, J. S., Khan, M. A., Knowlton, L., Leather, A. J. M., Marks, I. H., Meara, J., Shrime, M., Smith, M., Soreide, K., Weiser, T., & Davies, J. (2019). Evaluating the collection, comparability and findings of six global surgery indicators. British Journal of Surgery, 106(2), E138-E150.
  4. Arias de la Torre, J., Zioga, E. A. M., Munyoz, L., Estrada, D., Espallargues, M., & Grupo de trabajo HaD Catalunya (2019). Early-discharge and admission-avoidance hospital-at-home programs: outcomes and associated factors. Emergencias .

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