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  1. 2020
  2. Adams M. Strenthening Open Disclosure in NHS Maternity Care [the DISCERN Project]. 2020. Paper presented at Health Service Research UK , online , .
  3. Chand G, Cook G, Hughes D, Meszaros L, Wong N, Ting H et al. Assessing PD-L1 expression in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer patients using68Ga-Labeled Anti-Programmed Death Ligand-1 (PD-L1) Single-Domain Antibody PET/CT. 2020. Abstract from SNMMI 2020 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, United States.
  4. Katelouzou D, Jacobsen H. Global Shareholder Stewardship: A Conference Report. 2020. Global Shareholder Stewardship Conference, London, United Kingdom.
  5. Burns A. The Madness of George III Revisited. 2020. Paper presented at BSECS annual conference 2020, Oxford, United Kingdom.
  6. Halonen J, Hansell A, Gulliver J, Blangiardo M, Fecht D, Beevers S et al. Associations of road traffic noise with mortality and hospital admissions in London. 2020. Paper presented at 10th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, Euronoise 2015, Maastricht, Netherlands.
  7. Djordjevic S, Hacihabiboglu H, Cvetkovic Z, de Sena E. Evaluation of the perceived naturalness of artificial reverberation algorithms. 2020. Paper presented at 148th Audio Engineering Society International Convention 2020, Vienna, Virtual, Online, Austria.
  8. Gamilov T, Alastruey J, Simakov S. Linear optimization algorithm for 1D hemodynamics parameter estimation. 2020. Paper presented at 6th ECCOMAS European Conference on Computational Mechanics: Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems, ECCM 2018 and 7th ECCOMAS European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics, ECFD 2018, Glasgow, United Kingdom.
  9. Kopecka H, Such JM. Explainable AI for Cultural Minds. 2020. Paper presented at Workshop on Dialogue, Explanation and Argumentation for Human-Agent Interaction , .
  10. Rushton E, King H. Exploring the Framing of Out-of-School Coding and Making Activities as "Playful" and "Fun".. 2020. Paper presented at American Educational Research Association Virtual Meeting , .
  11. Mathew A. Networking Borders: The Territories of Internet Infrastructure. 2020. Abstract from Workshop on Borders, Bordering, and Sovereignty in Digital Space 2020, .
  12. Mathew A. The Everyday Cultures of Cyber(Security). 2020. Abstract from Joint Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) and the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), .

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