Testicular microlithiasis in patients with testicular cancer in the United Kingdom and in Denmark

Malene Roland Pedersen, Catherine Horsfield, Oliver Foot, Jan Lindebjerg, Palle Jørn Sloth Osther, Peter Vedsted, Ashish Chandra, Søren Rafael Rafaelsen, Henrik Møller

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    INTRODUCTION: Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer in young Caucasian men. It has been suggested that testicular microlithiasis (TML) is a premalignant condition. This study's objective was to investigate TML histology prevalence in testicular cancer patients in two European populations.

    METHODS: We analysed archived histopathology orchiectomy specimens from 152 patients diagnosed with testicular cancer at Fredericia Hospital in Denmark from 2004 to 2014, and 106 patients diagnosed at St Thomas' Hospital in London from 2011 to 2015.

    RESULTS: The Danish patients' median age was 37 years (range: 16-74 years) and the English patients' 36 years (range: 18-78 years). In the Danish patients, 29 (19.1%) had TML, and in the English patients, 43 (40.6%) had TML (p < 0.001). Haematoxylin bodies were slightly more common in the English patients. Laminated calcification was more often seen in seminomas than in non-seminomas.
 CONCLUSIONS: The English testicular cancer patients had a statistically significantly higher TML prevalence than the Danish patients. This observation questions the hypothesised biological association between TML and testicular 

    FUNDING: The Region of Southern Denmark supported this study.

    TRIAL REGISTRATION: not relevant.

    Original languageEnglish
    JournalDanish Medical Journal
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - Mar 2018


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