The Arts in Peace-building and Reconciliation: Mapping Practice

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This working report summarises mapping research on the use of the arts in reconciliation and peace-building processes undertaken as part of the AHRC funded, Art and Reconciliation: Conflict, Culture and Community. It provides an overview of the expansive field of arts and peace-building, the key debates with in the field and starts to map how we can differentiate between different forms of artistic peace-building practice. It is routed in a set of 14project profiles that were developed to explore and demonstrate the diverse range of arts projects happening within peace-building contexts around the world and to provide examples of the different kinds of people, organisations and agendas that are driving how the arts are being used. Against this backdrop, this report draws on existing literature to summarise the key contributions of the arts to peace-building, the challenges they face and current thinking around best practice for arts practitioners. Art & Reconciliation: Conflict, Culture and Community is a research project that seeks to address the pressing need to develop understandings of the applications and implications of the use of the arts specifically within reconciliation processes and to develop better evaluation methods that capture the contribution of the arts to reconciliation. The aim is to move beyond advocating the value and contribution of the arts and to develop a richer articulation of how the arts function within reconciliation processes (Shank & Schirch 2008).
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • arts-based research
  • Peace Building
  • reconciliation
  • community arts
  • Arts
  • post conflict
  • Case studies


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