The band structure of a model of spatial random permutation

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We study a random permutation of a lattice box in which each permutation is given a Boltzmann weight with energy equal to the total Euclidean displacement. Our main result establishes the band structure of the model as the box-size N tends to infinity and the inverse temperature β tends to zero; in particular, we show that the mean displacement is of order min { 1 / β, N}. In one dimension our results are more precise, specifying leading-order constants and giving bounds on the rates of convergence. Our proofs exploit a connection, via matrix permanents, between random permutations and Gaussian fields; although this connection is well-known in other settings, to the best of our knowledge its application to the study of random permutations is novel. As a byproduct of our analysis, we also provide asymptotics for the permanents of Kac–Murdock–Szegő matrices.

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Publication statusPublished - 7 Feb 2021


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