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This paper described the strategic challenge for military medical services as: to deliver a garrison health system that delivers military personnel fit for role and, concurrently, to train and operate a deployable medical system that can care for casualties of conflict during deployed military operations. Military medical services operate within a complex cultural environment of military, professional and organisational identities. The paper has described how the ‘Cultural Web’ can be used to analyse the domains of culture within an organisation and to determine its alignment with the organisation’s Paradigm. This method of analysis provides internal value through a process of understanding the cultural environment of an organisation. For a military medical system, it also provides a framework to undertake a comparative analysis with other military medical systems. Most of the challenges for military medical systems are universal and independent of an individual nation – and therefore similarities between military medical systems are likely to be an indication of the route to good solutions. Conversely, differences invite further analysis to confirm that they are appropriate. The paper has also shown the value of the Almanac of Military Medicine and the collective importance of each nations’ entry within it.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 13 Aug 2020


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