The Developing Human Connectome Project Neonatal Data Release

A. David Edwards, Daniel Rueckert, Stephen M. Smith, Samy Abo Seada, Amir Alansary, Jennifer Almalbis, Joanna Allsop, J Andersson, Tomoki Arichi, Sophie Arulkumaran, Matteo Bastiani, Dafnis Batalle, Luke Baxter, Jelena Bozek, Eleanor Braithwaite, Jakki Brandon, Olivia Carney, Andrew Chew, Daan Christiaens, Raymond ChungKathleen Colford, Lucilio Cordero-Grande, Serena Counsell, Harriet Cullen, J. Cupitt, Charles Curtis, Alice Davidson, Maria Deprez, Louise Dillon, Konstantina Dimitrakopoulou, Ralica Dimitrova, Eugene P. Duff, Shona Falconer, Seyedeh-Rezvan Farahibozorg, Sean P. Fitzgibbon, Jianliang Gao, Andreia Gaspar, Nicholas Harper, Sam Harrison, Emer Hughes, Jana Hutter, Mark Jenkinson, Saad Jbabdi, Emily Jones, Vjaceslavs Karolis, Vanessa Kyriakopoulou, Gregor Lenz, Antonios Makropoulos, Shaihan Malik, Luke Mason, Filippo Mortari, Chiara Nosarti, Rita G. Nunes, Camilla O'Keeffe, Jonathan O'Muircheartaigh, Hamel Patel, Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach, Maximilian Pietsch, Anthony Price, Emma Robinson, Mary Rutherford, Andreas Schuh, Stamatios Sotiropoulos, Johannes Steinweg, Rui Pedro A. G. Teixeira, Tencho Tenev, Jacques-Donald Tournier, Nora Tusor, Alena Uus, Katy Vecchiato, Logan Williams, Robert Wright, Julia Wurie, Jo Hajnal

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The Developing Human Connectome Project has created a large open science resource which provides researchers with data for investigating typical and atypical brain development across the perinatal period. It has collected 1228 multimodal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain datasets from 1173 fetal and/or neonatal participants, together with collateral demographic, clinical, family, neurocognitive and genomic data from 1173 participants, together with collateral demographic, clinical, family, neurocognitive and genomic data. All subjects were studied in utero and/or soon after birth on a single MRI scanner using specially developed scanning sequences which included novel motion-tolerant imaging methods. Imaging data are complemented by rich demographic, clinical, neurodevelopmental, and genomic information. The project is now releasing a large set of neonatal data; fetal data will be described and released separately. This release includes scans from 783 infants of whom: 583 were healthy infants born at term; as well as preterm infants; and infants at high risk of atypical neurocognitive development. Many infants were imaged more than once to provide longitudinal data, and the total number of datasets being released is 887. We now describe the dHCP image acquisition and processing protocols, summarize the available imaging and collateral data, and provide information on how the data can be accessed.
Original languageEnglish
Article number886772
JournalFrontiers in Neuroscience
Publication statusPublished - 23 May 2022


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