The Eurocentric conception of world politics: western international theory, 1760-2010

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Books reviewed in this issue International Relations theory The Eurocentric conception of world politics: western international theory, 1760-2010. By John M. Hobson. The concept of the political. By Hans J. Morgenthau. Edited by Hartmut Behr and Felix Rosch. Mao's China and the Sino-Soviet split: ideological dilemma. By Mingjiang Li. A dictionary of 20th-century communism. Edited by Silvio Pons and Robert Service. International organization, law and ethics Justice and the enemy: Nuremberg, 9/11, and the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. By William Shawcross. Hybrid and internationalised criminal tribunals: selected jurisdictional issues. By Sarah Williams. Sentencing in international criminal law: the approach of the two ad hoc tribunals and future perspectives for the international criminal court. By Silvia D'Ascoli. The new protectorates: international tutelage and the making of liberal states. Edited by James Mayall and Ricardo Soares de Oliveira. Corruption and misuse of public office: second edition. By Colin Nicholls QC, Tim Daniel, Alan Bacarese and John Hatchard. Conflict, security and defence Manhunt: the ten-year search for Bin Laden from 9/11 to Abbottabad. By Peter Bergen. Governance, civil society and cultural politics Sex and world peace. By Valerie M. Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Mary Caprioli and Chad F. Emmett. After secularism: rethinking religion in global politics. By Erin K. Wilson. Political economy, economics and development Finance and the good society. By Robert J. Shiller. Energy, resources and environment Global health governance. By Sophie Harman. Phake: the deadly world of falsified and substandard medicines. By Roger Bate. The European Union as a leader in international climate change politics. Edited by Rudiger K. W. Wurzel and James Connelly. International history Documents on British policy overseas: series III, volume VIII: The invasion of Afghanistan and UKSoviet relations, 1979-1982. Edited by Richard Smith, Patrick Salmon and Stephen Twigge. Marigold: the lost chance for peace in Vietnam. By James G. Hershberg. Ending empire in the Middle East: Britain, the United States and post-war decolonization, 1945-1973. By Simon C. Smith. The sorrows of Belgium: liberation and political reconstruction, 1944-1947. By Martin Conway. The devil in history: communism, fascism, and some lessons of the twentieth century. By Vladimir Tismaneanu. Molotov: Stalin's cold warrior. By Geoffrey Roberts. Europe Hungary: between democracy and authoritarianism. By Paul Lendvai. Turkey: what everyone needs to know. By Andrew Finkel. National and European foreign policies: towards Europeanization. Edited by Reuben Wong and Christopher Hill. Russia and Eurasia Deception: spies, lies and how Russia dupes the West. By Edward Lucas. Restavratsiya vmesto reformatsii: Dvadtsat' let, kotorye potryasli Rossiyu. By Vladimir Pastukhov. The political economy of Putin's Russia. By Pekka Sutela. Putin's United Russia party. By Sean P. Roberts. Russian politics: the paradox of weak state. By Marie Mendras. Roads to the temple: truth, memory, ideas, and ideals in the making of the Russian revolution, 1987-1991. By Leon Aron. Power games in the Caucasus: Azerbaijan's foreign and energy policy towards the West, Russia and the Middle East. By Nazrin Mehdiyeva. Middle East and North Africa Saddam Hussein's Ba'th Party: inside an authoritarian regime. By Joseph Sassoon. The Saddam tapes: the inner workings of a tyrant's regime, 1978-2001. By Kevin M. Woods, David D. Palkki and Mark E. Stout. The Syrian rebellion. By Fouad Ajami.

The battle for the Arab Spring: revolution, counter-revolution and the making of a new era. By Lin Noueihed and Alex Warren. Lebanon: the politics of a penetrated society. By Tom Najem. Lebanon adrift: from battleground to playground. By Samir Khalaf. Sub-Saharan Africa Catastrophe: what went wrong in Zimbabwe? By Richard Bourne. South Asia Pakistan on the brink: the future of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the West. By Ahmed Rashid. The future of Pakistan. By Stephen P. Cohen and others. Religion and conflict in modern South Asia. By William Gould. East Asia and Pacific Maonomics: why Chinese communists make better capitalists than we do. By Loretta Napoleoni. Korean unification: inevitable challenges. By Jacques L. Fuqua Jr. Escape from Camp 14: one man's remarkable odyssey from North Korea to freedom in the West. By Blaine Harden. Latin America and Caribbean Haiti: a shattered nation. By Elizabeth Abbott. Fixing Haiti: MINUSTAH and beyond. Edited by Jorge Heine and Andrew S. Thompson. Bolivia: refounding the nation. By Kepa Artaraz. The Amazon from an international law perspective. By Beatriz Garcia.

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