The Great War at Sea: A Naval Atlas 1914-19

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In the vast literature of the First World War there has never been a naval atlas that depicts graphically the complexities of the war at sea, and puts in context the huge significance of the naval contribution to the defeat of Germany.
With more than 125 beautifully designed maps and charts, the atlas sets out to visualise the great sea battles as well as the smaller operations, convoys, skirmishes and sinkings. As well as the well known set pieces such as the battles of Coronel, Heligoland, Dogger Bank and Jutland, the Dardenelles campaign, the North Sea and Channel operations, and the responses to merchant ship losses, the atlas looks at the many significant events at sea which impacted on the land war and which have had scant coverage in much of the naval literature of the era. The distant waters defence of trade routes, the impact of the United States navy in Europe, operations in the Baltic and northern Russia, and Japanese naval contributions in the Middle East are just some of the themes given a new and exciting presentation
No other work has attempted such an ambitious coverage of the naval war in this period and it will become the definitive reference work for enthusiasts and historians as well as general readers fascinated by the naval war that extended across all the world's oceans and had such a significant impact on the outcome of the war.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBarnsley
PublisherSeaforth Publishing
Number of pages170
ISBN (Print)184832183X, 9781848321830
Publication statusPublished - 23 Sept 2015


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