The Use of Question-and-Answer Method and Process in Anastasius’ Hexaemeron

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The process of raising and answering questions was a widespread technique employed both in commentaries in order to address objections and to elucidate obscure biblical passages and as a type of argumentation in religious and philosophical debates in late antiquity. The degree to which both functions of this process are operative in the Hexaemeron of Anastasius of Sinai has, with few notable exceptions, not received sustained scholarly attention. This contribution demonstrates the ways in which his erotapokritic methodology not only relies on well-established techniques of commenting on the biblical text but also on the technical use of dilemmatic questions as formulated and prescribed in rhetorical treatises. At the same time it is shown that this pattern of argumentation shares many of the features that appear in other contemporary polemical texts and in instructions, found in the corpus of his writings, for the rebuttal of erroneous views in debates with heterodox Christians, Jews and Muslims.
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Title of host publicationEphemerides Theologicae Lovanienses
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