Three-month stroke outcome The European Registers of Stroke (EROS) Investigators

P. U. Heuschmann, S. Wiedmann, I. Wellwood, A. Rudd, A. Di Carlo, Y. Bejot, D. Ryglewicz, D. Rastenyte, C. D. A. Wolfe

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Background: Contemporaneous data on variations in outcome after first-ever-lifetime stroke between European populations are lacking. We compared differences in case fatality rates, functional outcome, and living conditions 3 months after stroke within the European Registers of Stroke Collaboration. Methods: Population-based stroke registers were established in France (Dijon), Italy (Sesto Fiorentino), Lithuania (Kaunas), the United Kingdom (London), Spain (Menorca), and Poland (Warsaw). All patients with first-ever-lifetime stroke of all age groups from the source population (1,087,048 inhabitants) were included. Data collection took part between 2004 and 2006. The study investigated population variations in outcome at 3 months (death, institutionalization due to stroke, or Barthel Index below 12 points) using multivariable logistic regression analyses adjusted for age, sex, stroke severity, stroke subtype, and comorbidities. Results: A total of 2,034 patients with first-ever-lifetime stroke were included. Median age was 73 years, 52% were female. The mean weighted cumulative risk of death was 21.8% (95% confidence interval 20.0 to 23.6) with a 3-fold variation across populations. The weighted proportion of poor outcome was 41.3% (95% confidence interval 39.0 to 43.7) with a 2-fold variation across populations. Conclusion: More than 40% of patients had a poor outcome, defined as being dead, dependent, or institutionalized 3 months after stroke. Substantial outcome variations were found between populations that were explained by case mix variables in this analysis, yet a trend toward a higher risk of poor outcome was present in Kaunas. Neurology (R) 2011;76:159-165
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)159 - 165
Number of pages7
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 11 Jan 2011


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