Understanding and visualising the 'Transnational Everyday’: an X-Border workshop

Peter Chonka, Freddie Carver, Jacopo Ottaviani

Research output: Other contribution


In November 2019, the Rift Valley Institute and OSSREA held a workshop in
Addis Ababa bringing together around 20 researchers and data visualisation
experts from the region and beyond. The purpose was to inform the
development of the transnational everyday workstream, part of the DFID-funded
X-Border Local Research Network project being implemented by RVI, The Asia
Foundation and the Carnegie Middle East Centre. This workstream seeks to
better understand and describe the transnational flows that emerge out of
conflict, taking Somali and South Sudanese populations as its starting point.
Specific objectives for the workshop included: Helping the researchers understand different and innovative ways of presenting and visualising their data; Supporting the development of new research ideas and helping shape an overall research agenda;
Enabling cross-fertilisation between different research activities in the Horn of
Africa and beyond; Creating a network that could continue to share ideas on data collection and visualisation. This interactive report both summarises the outcomes of these discussions and practically showcases a range of data tools and approaches that have potential for application across X-Border projects.
Original languageEnglish
TypeInteractive workshop report
Media of outputWebsite
Publication statusPublished - 15 Dec 2019


  • Mobility, digital methods, migration, transnationalism


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