What do we know about gambling-related harm affecting migrants and migrant communities? A rapid review

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There is increasing interest in which and why certain vulnerable groups may be at heightened risk of experiencing gambling-related harms to hone specific preventative and response strategies which are accessible and effective. Migrants are often viewed as vulnerable to gambling-related harms, though why this may be is unclear. This article presents the findings of a systematic rapid review of international evidence to improve understanding of the extent to which gambling is a potential problem for migrants and migrant communities. Conducted in 2018, studies were identified using a search of keywords related to migrants and gambling within grey literature and relevant databases (Scopus; PubMed; Web of Science; PsychINFO, Embase). Thirty-eight studies were identified. They are discussed in relation to evidence about migrants’ gambling participation; the appeal of gambling for migrants; the impact of gambling; and the support available to this group. Analysis identified three main themes: first, there is some evidence supporting existence of a ‘harm paradox’ in relation to migrant gambling, whereby migrants are less likely to gamble than non-migrants but are more likely to experience harms; second, there are variation in experiences of gambling-related harm for migrants and practices surrounding the provision of support. Finally, there is relative paucity of research about migrant gambling, with most research being conducted in Australasia. Researchers and practitioners need better evidence and understanding of the culturally specific and contextual harms that migrants may experience from their gambling. This should explore how to overcome barriers that may prevent some migrants engaging in helpseeking behaviours.
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JournalAddictive Behaviors
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