Learning (how not) to teach
: a study of the impact of Generated Resources Learning (GRL) pedagogy as in-service teacher training in some schools across India

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctorate in Education


This thesis is to explore the impact of an experiential learning methodology called Generated Resources Learning (GRL) on a group of teachers teaching in mainstream schools in India. This methodology is developed and practiced at the Mahatma Gandhi International School that I co-founded in India. The GRL methodology draws on constructivist approaches with active learning and creates opportunities for teachers to learn through the perspective of a learner. This is relevant as the research literature revealed a gap between the stated aims of the National Curriculum Framework (2005) in India that promotes constructivist approaches and the teacher training given that was framed within positivist traditions with a static and lecture-based methodology. In order to study the impact of the learning processes on the teachers, I chose a qualitative methodology with 11 semi-structured interviews and 4 group interviews of teachers and school principals conducted across different schools and training sites in India. I involved two other researchers to mitigate the bias that could result from my single perspective. The findings suggest that teachers found the GRL training enjoyable with greater applicability and usefulness as compared to other training. They began to use more of the body, the space around them and everyday resources in learning. The data showed that the teachers experienced positive emotions and came closer to learner perspectives. Different challenges related to the constraints of time-tables, class strength, national boards, pressures of syllabi and limiting self-beliefs were also discussed by participants. The insights gained in this study have the potential to impact policy changes and teacher education reforms at the national level. The study raises issues related to long-term sustainability and upscaling for a large country such as India.
Date of Award1 May 2020
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • King's College London
SupervisorSimon Gibbons (Supervisor) & Christopher Winch (Supervisor)

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