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Thalia Eley

Professor Thalia Eley

Professor of Developmental Behavioural Genetics

Start date at Kings: 30/09/1996

Contact details:

Postal address:
SGDP Research Centre
Institute of Psychiatry
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7848 0863


Research interests

I run the Emotional Development Intervention and Treatment Lab (EDIT Lab) at KCL. I am interested in the reasons why people differ in how they respond to life's experiences. I am especially curious about how genetic factors are involved in the development of emotional symptoms. At present we are exploring two major themes within the group. First, we are undertaking research predicting outcome following psychological treatment from clinical, demographic and genetic factors. We call this field therapygenetics. Our latest study is called BioPoRT and involves recruiting participants who have accessed psychological therapy through the NHS, and asking them to provide us with information about themselves and with a saliva sample from which we will obtain DNA. Second, I am really interested in why anxiety and depression tend to run in families, whether this is due to sharing home life or whether it is due to sharing genes. Our latest research in this area involves recruiting families of twins and their children. 







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